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The Brief

CGI and Microsoft joined forces to develop a proof of concept for ThyssenKrupp Elevator (TKE). TKE maintains more than 1.2m elevators worldwide, including those inside some of the world's most iconic buildings. TKE wanted to gain a competitive edge by increasing up-time on its elevators through pre-emptive maintenance. 

The Work

CGI and Microsoft harnessed the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a cloud-based elevator monitoring system based on Microsoft Azure IoT services. The system connects thousands of sensors in TKE's elevators to the cloud, gathers data and presents this insight via two different user interfaces - one for Supervisors, and one for Engineers.

Using HTML5 and CSS3, we designed and built the user experience with CGI, focusing on providing concise and easily-consumable information formatted for use on an Engineer's tablet device. We integrated with ASP.NET SignalR to push data to receiving parties instantly - and we did all of this within a 2-week period from commissioning to presentation.

The Results

The UX and UI designs exceeded the expectations of CGI, Microsoft and TKE. Following the success of the proof of concept, the system was commissioned to a full build with CGI, allowing the rest of the dashboard to be developed. This will give TKE a real-time view of elevator performance, enabling instant diagnostic capabilities for increased up-time, and improved resource planning, cost forecasting and maintenance scheduling - a real competitive edge.

The system was presented by Satya Nadella at the Microsoft World Partner Conference and, since this piece of work, we've forged a strong partnership with CGI and a place on their SME Accelerate Programme.