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The Brief

Shimano Europe's innovative cycling brand PRO approached us to help reposition the brand online. PRO manufacturers some of the most technically advanced bike components available. It does this through a unique collaboration between professional riders and experienced engineers. However, PRO's existing online experience did not reflect the high quality of its product range, nor convey this co-creation story. 

The Work

Developing an intuitive, engaging and ultimately successful user experience was at the heart of our approach. With brand and product engagement at the heart of our thinking, we conducted a number of workshops with both stakeholders and co-creators to truly understand what amateur and professional athletes loved about the Shimano PRO products. 

We used these immersion tactics throughout our Discovery phase to deliver insight and intelligence into the user experience design. Thinking about product engagement, the UX delivered features such as the 'Saddle Selector', and we produced a number of videos to truly tell the PRO story and engage potential customers. 

Thinking about technology, the most appropriate CMS platform was Umbraco so this was our natural choice. With its community-based features, it allows PRO to manage content and community with ease, as well as the option to deliver the site multilingually in the future should this be a requirement. We catalogued PRO's product data into a usable format and developed a bespoke data import process for future management. 

The Results

The result was a slick, new, engaging experience that truly reflects the brands positioning in the marketplace. The new site quickly engaged with its audience, increasing monthly visits to an average of 45,000. The increased product catalogue and engaging 3D video increased social communications for the brand receiving a total of up to 11,000 Facebook likes in one month.

  • 11,000 Facebook likes
  • 45,000 avg. monthly visits