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The Brief

HiPP has been producing baby food and milk for over 60 years. Since 1956, the family-owned company began making its baby foods exclusively organic. HiPP briefed us to create a digital-first campaign that would engage existing members of the HiPP Baby Club but also attract new members throughout the competitive Christmas period.

The Work

We planned to utiise the period of the year that traditionally saw HiPP's engagement levels dip - the lead up to Christmas. Based on a mechanic of a prize draw, we created a digital advent calendar complete with personalised sounds based on user interactions with the calendar. 

Taking inspiration from HiPP's philisophy of their food jars being reused and recycled, the advent calendar was designed with the jars as each 'door'. Each day revealed a prize of the day, allowing consumers to enter to win. Upon entering the competition, they were given the option to join the Baby Club using the same details.

This fun, engaging and seasonal campaign tool ran through December, culminating in a prize of high value being given away on Christmas Eve. 

The Results

When the calendar launched in its first year, it received over 12,000 visits in the first 24 hours. 

Throughout the month, the calendar was visited over 91,000 times, making the page 60% more popular than any other content on the site. 

In terms of engagement and acquisition, of the approx. 30,000 entries the campaign attracted, 40% of these were new Baby Club members, which was significantly over target.

  • 30,000 competition entries
  • 40% new Baby Club members