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The Brief

The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is a not-for-profit Government organisation working on behalf of Britain's farmers. In the wake of the milk price crisis, they came to us to deliver a boosted consumer marketing campaign to help reinforce a positive image of dairy farming. 

The Work

We developed "It's In Our Hands", an integrated digital and experiential marketing campaign to bridge the gap between consumers and dairy farmers. As the lead agency, we developed the strategy, and owned the MarComms plan. We designed and built a responsive website to show consumers how they can support the industry by taking the #DairyPromise - a vow to look for the Red Tractor logo on all dairy products they buy. 

We created a vibrant dairy farming experience, comprising a main exhibition stand and leveraging grassroots support from dairy farmers to deliver messages first-hand to consumers at food events nationwide. 

We produced an interactive, online 'Trust the Tractor' game using touch-first interface design, and we provided a framework in which to measure campaign success. This was all supported by a social media campaign and regional PR activity delivered by our partners. 

The Results

In terms of successes, the most rewarding was seeing Britain's dairy farmers educating the public first-hand on the stands, and seeing the realisation in someone's eyes of the challenge dairy farmers have, and asking how they can help. 

Thinking of it a bit more quantifiably, we saw successes right through the AIDA model used for measurement. In terms of seeing messages, we exceeded our target by 21% with over 12,000 consumers being exposed to our messages within a 3-month period. 

Taking that through to page views and engagement with campaign content, we exceeded targets by 50%. But perhaps the most satisfying was the number of people who went on to take the #DairyPromise. We exceeded this target by 218%, with our marketing opt-in rate being exceeded by 285%. 

Needless to say, we felt we'd done our bit for Britain's dairy farmers. 

  • 12,000 consumers saw our messages
  • 218% conversion target exceeded