What is the Ahrefs URL Rank?

I am a massive fan of Ahrefs when researching the backlink profile of a site. It’s got a great interface and it seems to find more links than Open Site Explorer and MajesticSEO, the other services I use.

However, there has been one thing that has been bugging me about Ahrefs, this was the URL rank on the report page. I had no idea what it was, nor could I find any information on the Ahrefs site about it.


Ahrefs URL Rank


After searching around and finding a few other people equally as frustrated as myself, I thought it could be the Ahrefs rank for the site. So I pulled up the live chat and got some answers.


Ahrefs Live Chat


So there you have it, the URL Rank on the report page is in fact the Ahrefs rank for the site!


Great, now what the hell is Ahrefs Rank (AR)?

Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s time to cover what Ahrefs Rank is or AR for short.

In simple terms, this metric is Ahrefs equivalent of PageRank (PR). Every page has this rank assigned to them by Ahrefs, it is calculated by the number of DoFollow links pointing at a page.

For example, Page A has the rating of 100 (calculated from the number of links pointing at it) and 4 dofollow outbound links. Page A can pass no more than 80% of its rating to another page.  This rating of 80 is divided equally between the 4 DoFollow outbound links and  each link will received a Ahrefs Rank of 20.


How Ahref URL Rank (AR) Works

I know this isn’t the most exciting blog post, but if it saves someone else from tearing their hair out looking for an answer for this question then it will have been worthwhile!

By Tom Blackshire